Extending Cyc’s KB with Intelligent Data Selection

Cyc is not restricted to the knowledge in the KB. Just like humans, Cyc can be taught to access external data when necessary. Certain pieces of data, like the current value of AMZN stock, fluctuate so much that it does not make sense to enter them into the relatively stable KB. Instead, you can simply teach Cyc where the data lives and how to access it, and Cyc can strategically go out and grab that stock price whenever it would be relevant for reasoning. We call this process Semantic Knowledge Source Integration (SKSI).

This is a key differentiator of Cyc: we do not derive our value by training on your data, nor do we need to move it to some “data lake” that conforms to certain standards to access it. Rather, we teach Cyc to read your data the way that your experts do: Cyc learns what it means and where it lives natively.

The Cyc platform includes a suite of automated and semi-automated tools to make mapping data sources easy.


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