April 18, 2015


Cycorp is pleased to offer the Cyc software and knowledgebase at no cost to the research community.

As of Release 1.1, the complete (non-proprietary) content of the Cyc knowledge base is being made available to the research community (for research-only purposes) under a ResearchCyc license. Yes, Cyc, the world’s largest and most complete general knowledge base and commonsense reasoning engine, is at your disposal!

The Cyc Platform

Cyc can be used as the basis for a wide variety of intelligent applications such as :

  • Information extraction and concept tagging
  • Content/knowledge management
  • Business intelligence
  • Support of analysis tasks
  • Semantic database integration
  • Natural language understanding and generation
  • Rapid ontology and taxonomy development
  • Learning and knowledge acquisition
  • Game AIs
  • Decision supports and workflow management
  • Filtering, prioritizing, routing, summarization, and annotating of electronic communications

… to name just a few.

The latest release of Cyc includes:

  • 630,000+ concepts, forming an ontology in the domain of human consensus reality.
  • Over 7,000,000 assertions (facts and rules), using 38,000+ relations, that interrelate, constrain, and, in effect, (partially) define the concepts.
  • A compiled version of the Cyc Inference Engine and the Cyc Knowledge Base Browser.
  • Natural language parsers and CycL-to-English generation functions.
  • A natural language query tool, enabling users to specify powerful, flexible queries without the need to understand formal logic or complex knowledge representations.
  • An Ontology Exporter that makes it simple to export specified portions of the knowledge base to OWL files.
  • Documentation and self-paced learning materials to help users achieve a basic- to intermediate-level understanding of the issues of knowledge representation and application development using Cyc.
  • A specification of CycL, the language in which Cyc (and hence ResearchCyc) is written. There are CycL-to-Lisp, CycL-to-C, etc. translators.
  • A specification of the Cyc API, by calling which a programmer can build an ResearchCyc application.

If you already have a ResearchCyc license, see ResearchCyc Releases for information about downloading the latest release of Cyc.

To apply for a no cost ResearchCyc license, click here.

Cyc Developer Center
Visit the Cyc Developer Center at dev.cyc.com for developer resources such as Java APIs, example code, javadocs, Cyc XML Schemas (XSDs), forums, issue trackers, and more.