Resource Planner

In healthcare, it’s vital to have the right people on the job. Understaffed facilities lead to increased staff stress and decreased patient satisfaction. Overstaffed facilities lead to unnecessary expenditures. Cyc’s Resource Planner helps you avoid both of these situations.

Cyc’s monitoring capabilities allow it to keep tabs on the current state of your facilities, including the current patient load, and make predictions about the next 24 hours. These predictions feed into Cyc’s planning capabilities, allowing it to make targeted, actionable suggestions about future staffing while you still have time to act on them. 

What’s more, Cyc’s planning abilities aren’t limited to staffing. Cyc can help you schedule and plan around other scarce resources as well, helping to optimize use of lab and imaging equipment, schedule time with specialists, and the like.

All of Cyc’s suggestions are accompanied by clear, natural language explanations that describe the heuristics that generated the suggestions. These heuristics are customizable as well, allowing Cyc to adapt to your way of doing business and fit easily into any workflow.

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