Patient Care and Throughput Monitor

Cycorp’s Patient Care and Throughput Monitor uses Cyc’s large knowledge base and deep domain expertise in order to improve how patients move through hospitals and other clinical settings.

The Care and Throughput Monitor hooks into the data feeds already present in the clinical facility, allowing it to provide constant monitoring for conditions of interest, such as slowdowns in imaging or auxiliary services. It then uses Cyc’s robust modeling capabilities to project the impact of these conditions on patient throughput across the hospital as well as to suggest courses of action to improve patient care and throughput.

In addition, the Care and Throughput Monitor provides predictions for patient census over the next 24 hours. These predictions are accurate to within ±4 patients, and include predictions of disposition and length-of-stay for individual patients. The system does this by taking in patient data in real time, allowing us to build models of individual patients and keep track of them as they move through their care progression. 

The application integrates data from multiple sources in the hospital, enabling it to assist end users across the facility, including nursing supervisors, charge nurses, administrators, and house supervisors. It serves as a sort of “air traffic control” for the entire facility. 

Because of the importance of trust and transparency in healthcare, the Care and Throughput Monitor provides clear justifications across the board. All of its predictions, alerts, and proposed action items come with natural language explanations, allowing for auditability and transparency.

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