Virtual Drilling Advisor


Unblinking, vigilant conditions monitoring, enhanced situational awareness, and proactive command and control, universally and consistently applied across rigs, crews, shifts, and drilling sites, results in more efficient, consistent, and safe well deliveries.

Improve the quality, timeliness, and consistency of decision-making. Working on-site and/or in a centralized operations center, Cycorp’s Virtual Drilling Advisor application monitors drilling jobs in real time, identifying critical events in advance, foreseeing potential hazards, and recognizing inefficiencies (collectively referred to herein as “Conditions of Interest” or “COIs”) that contribute to Non-Productive Time (NPT) and are symptomatic of the inefficient operational performance that constitutes Invisible Lost Time (ILT) and other direct costs.  Conditions of Interest are categories of events that can occur during drilling operations that can have an adverse effect on desired outcomes. COI should have symptoms with observable signatures, and root causes that are diagnosable in hindsight by subject matter experts. When warranted by conditions or circumstances, the VDA will issue timely and transparent alerts, each containing the full line of reasoning supporting its conclusions related to the COI in question.  

Once COI have been identified, the VDA will provide stakeholders (which could be drilling engineers, company representatives at the wellsite, analysts in centralized operations centers, managers and executives, or all of the above) with plain-English answers to three categories of questions:

  1. What options are available to me?  What is the full range of choices available to the engineer, given the context and current situation? 
  2. What should I do next, and why?   What decision option is recommended?  If no one option is clearly dominant, Cyc can provide step-by-step pro- and con- arguments for each of the different plausible options.
  3. What would [Expert X and/or Expert Y] do in this situation?  Cyc models the perspective and judgement of multiple experts regarding their recommended course of action.

Each recommendation will include the full line of reasoning supporting its conclusion, and may include:

  • Alternative possibilities and their pro/con argument;
  • Possible tests which could be performed to confirm or disconfirm that hypothesized COI;
  • The array of plausible remediation actions, and the expected consequences of delaying such remediation. 

Each step in each argument will be viewable in English and in Cyc’s internal logical language.

Transform Expert Knowledge into a Durable and Dispatchable Corporate Knowledge Asset. Implementing the Virtual Drilling Advisor formalizes the process by which perishable expert knowledge is collected, maintained, and democratized.  The efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of engineering-heavy upstream E&P functions is strongly correlated with the background, training, and experience of the personnel involved.  Unfortunately, this experience is a perishable asset, locked up “in the black box between the ears” of individual employees.  When they leave, their experience leaves with them. 

Cyc’s unique ability to understand, contextually reason with, and reuse the complete meaning of any concept, theme, thought or idea that can be expressed in English makes it ideally suited to capture and codify the unique experiences and lessons learned of teams or individual subject matter experts, transforming into a durable, dispatchable knowledge asset that can be brought to bear whenever and wherever it’s needed.  As such, Cycorp’s Virtual Drilling Advisor becomes the foundation for systematic, scalable continuous improvement that insulates operators from the downsides of labor mobility, compresses learning curves for new employees, and uplevels employee performance across the board. 

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