Virtual Completions Advisor

Cyc’s Virtual Completions Advisor can monitor your completions jobs in real time, helping improve the quality, timeliness, and consistency of decision-making during all phases of the process.

Decisions regarding the best course of action to mitigate issues that could negatively impact the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of completions operations is not always straightforward.  Time, place, conditions, and circumstances contribute to different degrees, often requiring human expertise and perspective to separate signal from noise, and to evaluate events in context.  Differences in educational background, training, and experience factor into the approach and judgement of experts, who frequently offer sound, reasonable justifications to support widely different opinions about the proper response to the same observed signal.

Complicating the issue are the number of influencers and interests involved in completions operations, where each party may have a different motivation such that consensus on a definition of “optimal outcome” shouldn’t be assumed.   Just as recommendations of SME’s with the same job title and responsibilities frequently differ, the presence of wellsite supervisors, foremen and superintendents, engineers, managers, and the field service crew each represent a different perspective.  Finally, as in every walk of life, power, politics, and personality matter on the job site.

Cycorp’s Virtual Completions Advisor improves the quality, timeliness, and consistency of decision-making during pre-spud planning and wellsite execution. Working on-site or in a centralized operations center, the Virtual Completions Advisor can monitor completions jobs in real time, identifying critical events in advance, foreseeing potential hazards, and recognizing inefficiencies, and then help completion engineers make wise, timely, contextually-aware decisions that are necessary to consistently, predictably, and safely deliver wells as planned.

Once Conditions of Interest have been identified, the Virtual Completions Advisor provides stakeholders (which could be engineers, company representatives at the wellsite, analysts in centralized operations centers, managers and executives, or all of the above) with plain-English answers to three categories of questions:

  1. What options are available to me?  What is the full range of choices available to the engineer, given the context and current situation? 
  2. What should I do next, and why?   What decision option is recommended, supported by plain-language justifications?  If no one option is clearly dominant, Cyc can argue pro/con for different options.
  3. What would [Expert X and/or Expert Y] do in this situation? The expressivity of Cyc’s knowledge representation language gives us the unique ability to model the perspective and judgement of multiple experts regarding their recommended course of action. 

As with every Cyc-enabled application, recommendations include the full line of reasoning supporting its conclusion, alternative possibilities (and their pro/con arguments), possible tests which could be performed to confirm or disconfirm a hypothesis or conclusion, the array of plausible remediation actions, and the expected consequences of delaying such remediation.  

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