Pre-Spud Well Planning

Drilling the perfect well starts with proper well planning. Cycorp’s Well Planning Advisor allows you to utilize all of your data to put your drillers in a position to succeed.

Our Well Planning Advisor can help you pick the perfect:

  • Bit
  • Bottom Hole Assembly
  • Expected Drilling Parameters for optimal ROP (WOB, RPM, differential Pressure, etc.)
  • Kickoff and Landing Points
  • Layer Selection in the Lateral
  • Number of Strings

Cyc reasons quantitatively and qualitatively, just like your best drilling engineers. First, we consider which wells in your historical data are the most salient for your planned well: which are close? which are recent? what formation is involved? Second, Cyc compiles the data from those similar wells and determines what lessons we can learn from them in drilling our next well. Cyc then delivers those recommendations along with supporting visualizations.

We work closely with clients to configure this product for your wells and your users. This means adding specialized tribal knowledge about your procedures and chains of command. It also means adjusting visualizations to work with your current workflows.

Interested in learning more? Reach out and schedule a demonstration.

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