Cyc is a differentiated, mature, and proven knowledge representation and reasoning platform that delivers sustainable competitive advantage to operators in at least three ways:

Cyc transforms expert knowledge into a durable, scalable asset. 

The expressivity of Cyc’s knowledge representation language enables it to capture the specialized knowledge, judgement, and best practices of the very best among your technical subject matter experts.  Transforming expert knowledge into a knowledge asset mitigates the risk and reduces the impact of employee turnover and/or retirement.

Cyc up-levels human performance across the board. 

Cyc distributes and democratizes expert knowledge, making it available to everyone, everywhere, all the time.  Cyc reasons like human experts do, but without human fallibility, with machine discipline and at machine speed and scale.  Finally, Cyc never forgets anything it knows, isn’t biased, never lazily skips steps, and never gets tired or distracted.

Cyc amplifies financial returns and compresses time-to-value from existing technology investments. 

Analytics and machine learning are table stakes in today’s oil patch; doing what everyone else is doing is not enough to distinguish an operator’s performance among their peers’.  Cyc augments machine learning, complementing it with multi-step human-like reasoning and transparent, plain-language explanations. It also extends AI capabilities into areas not addressable with existing AI technologies, such as when data is sparse, controversial, or suspect, or when conditions of interest occur infrequently.

Energy Products

Pre-Spud Well Planning: Make the smart decisions that leverage your data to improve drilling, completion, and production before you drill.

Virtual Drilling Advisor: Active, contextually-aware guidance that combines situational awareness, expertise from your best SMEs, and disciplined reasoning to improve the quality and safety of well delivery.

Virtual Completions Advisor: Pick the right recipe and completions plan every time.

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