Enterprise Knowledge Layer

Cycorp’s Enterprise Knowledge Layer solution formalizes the process by which corporate “tribal knowledge” is collected, maintained, and democratized. 

The efficiency and effectiveness of individual performance is often strongly correlated with the background, training, and experience of the personnel involved.  Unfortunately, this experience is a perishable asset, locked up in “the black box between the ears” of individual employees.  When they leave, their experience leaves with them. 

Cyc’s unique ability to understand, contextually reason with, and reuse the complete meaning of any concept, theme, thought, or idea that can be expressed in English makes it ideally suited to capture and codify the unique experiences and lessons learned of teams or individual subject-matter experts (SMEs).  Tribal knowledge transforms into a durable, dispatchable knowledge asset that can be brought to bear whenever and wherever it’s needed.  As such, Cyc becomes the foundation for systematic, scalable, continuous improvement that insulates corporations from the downsides of labor mobility, compresses learning curves for new employees, and uplevels employee performance across the board. 

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