Cycorp’s suite of robust, vertically-focused products are aligned with common industry use cases, amplifying financial returns and compressing time-to-value for each deployment.

Cyc is the product of more than four million engineering hours invested over three-plus decades of intense R&D and hundreds of successful client deployments for some of the largest and most respected Fortune Global 100 companies, as well as for numerous US and allied government, defense, and intelligence agencies.  The platform consists of four foundational components that work together to enable our clients to address meaningful business challenges in ways never before possible:

  • A formal knowledge representation language with the same expressive power as English.  The expressiveness of Cyc’s knowledge representation is a powerful differentiator, enabling the system to fully and systematically represent the unique judgments, perspectives, and problem-solving approaches of your very best performers.
  • A pre-existing knowledge base primed with tens of millions of rules-of-thumb and rules of good judgment spanning common sense, domain knowledge, and a general understanding of “how the world works.”  Cyc’s ever-growing knowledge base is the broadest, deepest, and most complete AI tool ever developed, by several orders of magnitude.
  • A battery of more than 1,100 stylized “inference engines” which work to intelligently and efficiently produce the same hypotheses, insights, and conclusions that a subject matter expert would, given a set of data and findings in an application area.
  • Out-of-the-box mechanisms to connect Cyc’s ontology, your internal systems, and useful third-party data sources. This virtual data integration eliminates the need for brittle, expensive, and time-consuming traditional system integration.

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Cycorp offers a range of vertically-targeted product suites, as well as solutions that address common cross-vertical business challenges. Click on the below links for more in-depth discussions of our products.



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