April 30, 2015

Sports, Recreation & Entertainment

Kbase Thing

Sports. Cyc has a well-structured taxonomy of sports and things related to sports. Formal Competitions in sports are made up of sporting events which are made up of athletic activities.

Let’s start with sporting events. Each sporting event is an entire sports competition at the end of which either a winner is declared or a draw is declared. For instance, an entire sandlot baseball game would be a sporting event, but the first inning of that game would not, since the first inning is a proper part of the game, and since neither a winner nor a draw is declared at the end of the first inning. Note that several sporting events can be organized into a formal competition; for example, the 2001 World Series was a formal competition consisting of seven sporting events. Kinds of sporting events include baseball games, tennis matches, and football (American) games.
Sporting events can be broken down into the athletic activities engaged in while performing sports. An athletic activity is a purposeful, physical human activity that is related to the playing of some sport, involves physical exertion, and tends to require strength and stamina. This concept is not limited to competitive sporting events, but also includes non-competitive sports activities and exercising (e.g. spelunking, going for a jog, or shooting a few hoops).

Recreation refers to all events which animals (especially humans) do for enjoyment.

Entertainment events in Cyc are defined to be activities performed by one or more agents primarily to amuse, entertain or otherwise divert others. Every entertainment event necessarily has among its subevents both a performance and an attendance. It is thus distinguished from recreational activities: a recreational activity need not involve any entertainers, whereas an entertainment event will always involve both an entertainer and an entertainee.