April 30, 2015

Plants & Animals

Kbase Thing

Plants are all members of the Biological Kingdom and comprise one of the primary subjects of Biology. Plants are typically stationary, living, whole organisms; the cells of plants generally lack cholesterol and have cell walls that include substances of cellulose. Most, though not all, plants are capable of making sugars by photosynthesis processes and have green parts. Some examples of plants are rose bush, spruce tree, and moss.
Animals are typically motile, living, whole organisms; they are heterotrophs, and thus are incapable of performing photosynthesis. Animal cells contain cholesterol and lack cell walls made of cellulose. A person is considered to be a kind of animal. The collection NonHumanAnimal denotes all animals other than humans. Cyc’s lexicon accounts for the fact that people often mean NonHumanAnimal when they use the word “animal”.