April 30, 2015

Events and Scripts

Kbase Thing

Cyc uses around 37,000 different event types to describe what happens in the world. This large number includes events that are both extremely general and extremely specific. Common event types include Buying, Singing, Thinking, Giving Something and Physical State Change Event. An example of an individual event that could be represented is, “ACME’s 2002 Shareholder Meeting.” Software applications that use Cyc can represent events in the KB to simulate processes, predict or plan likely participants, analyze competing scenarios and identify needed resources for events, among many other uses.

A script in Cyc is a CycL specification of a type of complex event with temporally-ordered sub-events. Applications can use scripts for script recognition — that is, recognizing when some stated events are part of a larger, unstated, complex event which follows a script. Scripts can also be used for planning and for reading comprehension.