May 1, 2015

Domain Specific Knowledge

Kbase Thing

Cyc contains both general and domain-specific knowledge. Here are some domain-specific rules that make use of Cyc’s general knowledge about the world.

Chemistry: If salts are created in some type of chemical reaction, then some type of base is involved in that reaction.

Computer Security: If a computer network implements IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Protocol and some computer is a node in that computer network, then that computer is vulnerable to decryption.
Healthcare: If an HMO provides coverage under some insurance plan, and the HMO provides “group” coverage (i.e., the coverage is provided via a “group” plan), and the insurance plan covers some medical care event, and the medical care event is performed as a service by some healthcare provider, then either the health care provider is a listed (“in-service”) provider for the HMO, or the health care provider performs the medical care event as the result of a referral (sanctioned by the HMO).