April 30, 2015


Kbase Thing

Astronomy: Cyc has some knowledge of astronomy from the standpoint of an amateur, but it also knows that astronomy is a scientific discipline encompassing a variety of areas of study. Cyc knows about planets and stars and formations of stars, and it knows the relative size of celestial objects compared with other objects.
Constellations are celestial regions which are normally distinguished by a particular asterism that is intended to depict some object. The celestial sphere is completely covered with constellations, which do not overlap. This is the more formal notion of ‘constellation’ used by astronomers. Examples include Ursa Major and Orion. Cyc also knows about asterisms, which is the more informal notion of ‘constellation’.

Archaeoastronomy is the study of ancient astronomical theory and practice. There are both academic/scientific and non-scientific versions of this study. The former is essentially a subfield of Archaeology.
Cyc is also aware of what we call “Simple Astronomy”, what any educated person should know about the sun, moon, planets, etc.