April 30, 2015


Kbase Thing

Artifacts are inanimate. Each artifact is an at least partially tangible thing which was intentionally created by an agent (or a group of agents working together) to serve some purpose or perform some function. In order to create an artifact, it is not necessary that an agent create the matter out of which the artifact is composed; rather, an agent can create an instance of artifact by assembling or modifying existing matter. Examples of artifacts include a wooden flute that’s been whittled from a tree branch, a sawhorse that’s been put together out of boards and nails, and a coin that’s been minted by embossing or by melting liquid silver into a mold. In addition to the obvious human artifacts (buildings, tools, textiles, power lines), artifacts can also be certain sorts of things made by animals, such as bird nests, termite mounds, and beaver dams.