Hospital Throughput and Productivity Advisor – Draft

Cycorp’s Hospital Throughput and Productivity Advisor drives accountability with data predictive analytics produced from Human Machine Reasoning. An achievable trajectory to STEEEP performance excellence in areas such as reducing length of stay by 20%, 6-hour post-acute discharge prediction with 90% accuracy and quality initiatives which prevent loss of life.

Cyc’s enables staff to accelerate and simplify critical decision making for any department aspiring to optimal productivity & key performance indicator achievement for each patient individually.

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What Your Colleagues Are Saying

“Exceeded expectations.”
–Senior Executive, national hospital system

“It’s hard to improve +3 sigma. What you guys have is impressive on so many levels… my deepest respects to you.”
Care Management Leader

Move Beyond Visualization to Action

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Free up nurses to care for patients and increase throughput

  • Models patient flow across hospital in real time to accurately understand patient care plan trajectory, prioritization for discharge, and nurse requirements in each unit in real time and into future
  • Understands and reasons with data from multiple internal and external sources (patient data, equipment, environmental services, radiology, etc.) to provide contextual real-time analysis of this complex, dynamic system, and makes specific recommendations – not just integrate data and provide visualizations for dedicated isolated team – enabling them to care for patients instead of stare at screens
  • Gives natural language explanations for throughput and productivity recommendations to increase trust in system and tool usage, with unique explanations for different roles (nurse, supervisor, COO, CFO, etc.) – overcoming dashboard fatigue and human confirmation bias
  • Action recommendations not mere visualizations to proactively identify, understand (causes and effects) of throughput issues, provide action plan for accelerated patient-specific throughput for unit charge nurses, house supervisors, centralized scheduling, finance and mitigate impacts of over/under staffing.

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