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The World’s Most Advanced Human Reasoning Capability

  • Turning Problems into Profits
  • Producing S.T.E.E.E.P Healthcare Performance Excellence by Simplified Decision Making from Optimal Intelligence
  • Big-Fast-Easy-as-1-2-3

Over 180 of the nation’s leading hospitals use CYC Hospital Advisor to deliver improved care and operational productivity


Largest Health System in the US
180 Hospitals


$500 per bed per day
$182,500 per bed per year


20% reduction in LOS
6 hour discharge prediction
90% predictive accuracy


ROI in 8-12 weeks

Omniscient Air Traffic Control

A differentiated approach with Hospital Throughput & Productivity Advisor increases and accelerates leadership’s & departmental capacity to manage your own air traffic control

Doing more with less in short run can be impacted through workflows and throughput acceleration

  • Nurse Workflows – make processes less manual to free nurses and others to provide care instead of telephone games, updating systems and dealing with surprises, examples include:
    • Provide alerts for opportunities to increase patient throughput
    • Identify issues and action steps to mitigate risks 
    • Mitigate infection risk
    • Share patient discharge barriers in real time
  • Patient Throughput – need to automate patient flows to optimize staff, equipment and physical infrastructure, examples include:
    • Prioritize discharge process 
    • Prioritize patient procedures for with full hospital system (and city) in mind
    • Prioritize EVS
    • Prioritize Labs and Pharmacy

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