April 18, 2015

Semiconductor Yield Management

Client Name:  A Major Semiconductor Foundry

Semiconductor FoundrySemiconductor manufacturing is all about yield.  A leading foundry used Cyc to model electrical parameters and test structures, physical chip characteristics, and the underlying manufacturing processes in order to augment their statistical yield analyses with a semantic (causal) assessment of end-to-end wafer manufacturing.

  • By incorporating the knowledge of various specialists into a single unified system,  one yield engineer could perform more complete root-cause analysis enabling both:
    • more experimental iterations during the design process, and
    • quicker response time to yield deviations during production.
  • This also saved a large factor of total engineer-hours, which is significant not due to saving salary dollars but rather due to the scarcity such engineers at that skill/experience level.

Industry Segment:  Chip Fabrication

Solution Type:  Production and Workflow Optimization