April 18, 2015

IT Inventory Catalog and Configuration Management

Client Name: A Fortune 100 Global Bank

Wall StreetOne of the world’s largest financial institutions is developing a Cyc-based solution to manage its global IT infrastructure.

  • By using Cyc to model, and reason about, their IT facilities and capabilities, as well as their organizations, personnel, skill sets, and policies, they are able to migrate from functionally stove-piped applications to more unified support for the full IT life-cycle.
  • The same knowledge-base is being used for managing IT inventory, ordering, and provisioning is used to support maintenance and repair, thereby reducing operational costs, increasing the ease, speed, and flexibility of corporate knowledge management, and ensuring uniformity across organizations and business functions.
  • This central semantic repository will be used to support additional corporate functions including finance, regulatory (both internal and external compliance), and business continuity.

Industry Segment:  Finance

Solution Type:  Infrastructure and Resource Management