April 18, 2015

Help-desk Expertise Management

Client Name: A Fortune 100 Global Bank

Wall StreetThe IT Organization within a Global Bank wanted to improve the efficiency with which it dispatched help requests to IT support personnel with appropriate expertise.  The large number of support IT products and services, as well as the range of associated expertise, meant that help requests and trouble-tickets were often re-routed, delaying problem resolution time and occasionally leading to sub-optimal solutions.  The client asked Cycorp to extend the Cyc ontology and knowledge base to model its IT offerings and associated expertise, as well as develop an extensible, rule-based mechanism to infer a person’s expertise beyond the subjects with which they are explicitly associated.  Cycorp also developed a management interface enabling the Client’s IT managers to add, delete, and modify information about IT personnel, including their areas and associated levels of expertise.

Industry Segment: Finance

Solution Type: Information Extraction and Dissemination, Infrastructure and Resource Management