April 18, 2015

Compliance Management

Client Name: Global Investment Bank

Compliance ManagementA global investment bank is using a Cyc-based application to monitor and manage compliance within an increasingly complex regulatory environment.  Directly examining employee, organizational, and transaction data is often not sufficient to detect compliance violations. Rather, a web of relationships must be considered to identify potentially suspect activities.  Developing and managing the knowledge sufficient to effectively and efficiently address compliance risk is difficult or impossible using conventional software tools.  Building on Cyc’s rich knowledge base and modeling capabilities, and leveraging Cyc’s powerful forward-inference capability to generate a vast relationship graph, the Bank’s compliance organization is able to semantically aggregate data from multiple sources and reason over them. This helps to identify potential conflicts of interest, inappropriate accessing of information, and suspicious communications or trading activities, quickly bringing to light potential violations that otherwise might not have been recognized in a timely manner.

Industry Segment: Finance

Solution Type: Compliance Monitoring / Situation Awareness