April 18, 2015

CCF Clinical Trial and Reporting Support

Client Name: The Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic and CycThe Cleveland Clinic is one of the world’s premier research hospitals, conducting thousands of clinical trials per year. By enabling medical researchers to form cohorts for clinical trials by expressing their patient requirements to Cyc, in English, and having Cyc automatically access and assemble CCF patient and procedure data, cohort formation time was reduced from weeks to minutes. By applying this to CCF’s unique DB of hundreds of thousands of patients, each of whom has been tracked longitudinally for decades, proposed clinical trials can now be done informally in silico to decide whether they are cost-effective to carry out in vivo. Reusing these domain and clinical data models to support automated report generation for accreditation agencies reduced the report generation time by 35% and increased the data accuracy, and for the first time enabled CCF to become certified to supply its own accreditation data directly to STS (Society of Thoracic Surgeons) and ACC (American College of Cardiology). Instead of those accreditation reports being generated every quarter, they can be run nightly enabling developing problems to be spotted within days rather than months.

Industry Segment: Healthcare

Solution Type: Intelligent Data Alignment and Reporting, Research Analyst Assistant