April 18, 2015

Success Stories

CCF Clinical Trial and Reporting Support

The Cleveland Clinic is one of the world’s premier research hospitals, conducting thousands of clinical trials per year.

Compliance Management

A global Investment Bank is using a Cyc-based application to monitor and manage compliance within an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Facilities Status Monitoring and Alerting

Breakdowns, or even sub-optimal performance, of oil pumping facilities can be costly and, in some cases, dangerous to personnel and the environment.

Help-desk Expertise Management

The IT Organization within a Global Bank wanted to improve the efficiency with which it dispatched help requests to IT support personnel with appropriate expertise.

IT Inventory Catalog and Configuration Management

One of the world’s largest financial institutions is developing a Cyc-based solution to manage its global IT infrastructure.

Pharmaceutical Thesaurus Management

Pharma vocabulary varies across countries, (sub-)industries, companies, departments, and decades.  E.g., what’s a gel pak?  What’s the “street name” for ranitidine hydrochloride?

Semiconductor Yield Management

Semiconductor manufacturing is all about yield.   A leading foundry used Cyc to model electrical parameters and test structures, physical chip characteristics, and the underlying manufacturing processes…