April 14, 2015

Enterprise Solutions

Cyc provides a basis for intelligent solutions across all aspects of your enterprise, ranging from highly interactive tools that support qualitative analysis; to intelligent monitoring systems for surveillance of critical data and infrastructure; to data integration and information management.

Research Analyst Assistant

Research analysts typically need to pose potentially complex questions whose answers require reasoning over disparate data as well as domain-specific expertise and world knowledge.

Information Extraction and Dissemination

Web searching is great – if you know what you’re looking for and spend all your time searching. Cyc’s natural language understanding and knowledge modeling capabilities can help you do better by more completely understanding the content of text documents and proactively identifying items of interest to specific information consumers.

Compliance Monitoring / Situation Awareness

Operational environments are often governed by sets of rules or constraints that describe acceptable or unacceptable behavior or performance.  These rules and constraints can be richly modeled in Cyc in terms of domain concepts, relations, and values.

Infrastructure and Resource Management

Large enterprises rely on substantial infrastructure including IT, communications, office and factory facilities, manufacturing equipment, product and supplies inventory, transportation, and more.