April 23, 2015

Monitoring Activity

Logging Browser Traffic

In addition to the logging infrastructure described above, the Cyc server has the ability to log browser requests that come in via the HTML or the HTTP ports. For details, see the discussion for the system parameter Cyc Browser Parameters.

Logging OpenCYC API Traffic

The Cyc server has the ability to log traffic that comes over the OpenCYC API channel, the CFASL port, and is processed by the API processor pool, the task processors..

By default, logging that traffic is turned off.

In order to log that traffic, evaluate the following SubL forms on the Cyc server (e.g. by placing them in the init/release-specific-init.lisp file).

(set-tpool-background-msg-path FILEPATH)
(set-task-processor-verbosity 9))

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