April 27, 2015

Company Profile

Cyc is a differentiated, mature, and enterprise-proven knowledge representation and reasoning platform that accelerates digitization across the energy value chain, delivering sustainable competitive advantage in three ways:

    1. Cyc amplifies financial returns and compresses time to value from existing technology investments in AI. Cyc’s unique capabilities complement the strengths of what everyone else today means by “AI”.
      • Augments machine learning with multi-step inductive, deductive, and abductive reasoning at machine speed and scale
      • Future-proofs machine learning applications with transparent argumentation and auditable, plain-language explanations
    2. Cyc extends AI capabilities into areas not addressable by existing AI technologies.  Cyc brings differentiated AI capabilities to bear on mission-critical issues where:
      • Data is sparse, complex, controversial, or suspect
      • Conditions of interest occur infrequently
      • Transparency, certainty, and causality are required
    3. Cyc augments the capabilities of individuals and uplevels human performance enterprise-wide. Cyc captures and codifies specialized knowledge and best practices from the best functional SMEs to diagnose root causes of conditions of interest and recommend action or interventions, suggest alternatives, and quantify consequences.