Actionable Output

In the same way that the Knowledge Base is only as good as what the Inference Engines can reason over, the combination of these, along with the knowledge gained by SKSI, needs to be useful. Cyc delivers actionable output that fosters trust with its users and delivers a return on investment that drives clients to see how else to incorporate Cyc into their workflow.

On this page, we will briefly talk about the components of Cyc that contribute to this core value. That said, the real proof is in our products, and we are always happy to demonstrate the benefits in more detail.

Value Driven

Cyc does not bring an empty modelling environment to the table, or a tool to merely visualize your data, though we can certainly model and visualize. Instead, our client engagements focus on delivering clear outputs that are auditable by your experts. For example, in the oil and gas industry, Cyc delivers real time assessments of risk of stuck pipe along with the next best action. In areas where data is too extensive for any one person to have perfect purchase on, Cyc can apply expert knowledge at machine speed and scale. This gives users the time and information they need to respond dynamically to rapidly changing conditions.

Transparent and Trusted

Every output is translated from Cyc’s underlying knowledge representation language, CycL, to easy-to-understand natural language.  This translation is not hard-wired: Cyc forms the explanations using its knowledge of grammar and how, for example, a language such as English denotes the relevant concepts, and how differences in dialect, region, role, or usage context should inform the translation.

In addition to being presented in natural language, Cyc stores and returns the full set of explanatory supports for every given insight, hypothesis, conclusion, recommendation, or scenario it generates.  This means that Cyc tells you the why as well as the what. Let’s consider another example from one of our verticals, healthcare. Cyc can say, “You should have 10 nurses on staff in the Emergency Department for the next shift.” This conclusion is supported by deep reasoning: Cyc knows how many patients are currently in the facility’s care, how many are expected to arrive in the coming minutes, as well as how the hospital patient flow is being managed elsewhere–a crowded ICU may lead to delays upstream in the ED. Cyc ensures that charge nurses get not only the right recommendation, but also the underlying reasoning so that they can trust this recommendation.

This trust is useful everywhere, but vital in many industries. When health and safety, litigation, and large sums of money are at risk, you simply cannot settle for a black box.

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