Our Company

Cyc is AI software unlike any other, created by a company unlike any other.

Organizational Structure

Cycorp is a mid-sized company located in north Austin, TX. As of August 2019, there are roughly 55 employees, the vast majority of whom work on site. There are loosely five branches of Cycorp:

  • Executive: includes co-CEOs Doug Lenat and Stephen Garrison, and focuses on guiding the organization and interacting with our clientele;
  • Ontological Engineers: chiefly staffed by Ph.D philosophers who teach Cyc about the world;
  • Programmers: functional programmers familiar with algorithms and data structures who aid Cyc in reasoning successfully and efficiently across the broad knowledge base;
  • Information Technology: provide internal and external support for hardware and software deployments;
  • Office Support Staff: professionals who make sure everything runs smoothly.

While these jobs are distinct, Cycorp fosters interdisciplinary work. Some of our best programmers are also fantastic ontologists, and vice-versa. For more detailed descriptions of the positions, or to see if you might be a good fit for a career at Cycorp, check out our careers page.

Cycorp is a matrix organization that (roughly) follows an agile methodology. Individual employees may be part of several different projects at a time, though each person has a primary focus. Each project is agile in the sense that we utilize sprints, conduct stand up meetings, and continuously adapt to client needs and requests. The matrix/agile combination fosters collaboration and creativity across the organization.

Business Focus

Despite developing Cyc for the past 35+ years, Cycorp has only more recently matured commercially, now able to productize the common sense reasoning that has been painstakingly put in place. While common sense reasoning is useful everywhere, businesses have been especially attracted to Cyc’s fully transparent reasoning in places where risks are high, both in terms of safety and finances. Thus we have focused on developing products in the healthcare, finance, and oil and gas industries.

If you are not in one of the three primary verticals, there is no need to worry! While Cyc’s knowledge is deepest and most industry-proven in those areas, we also have many clients in other sectors: defense, government and intelligence, retail, communications, and accounting, to name a few. How can Cyc revolutionize your business and industry? Find out by requesting a demonstration.


7000 North Mopac Expressway, Suite #200
Austin, TX 78731, USA