Meet a Cyclist

Employees at Cycorp, known affectionately as “Cyclists”, are the best at what they do. On this page, we will highlight a few of them to give you a feel for who cyclists are.

Megan Schildmier, Ontologist and Natural Language Expert

In addition to being a skilled ontologist, Dr. Megan Schildmier plays an integral role in Cycorp’s natural language understanding project and leads our training and documentation efforts.

Megan’s background is in linguistics. She earned her PhD from the University of Arizona, where she specialized in morphology, syntax, and semantics, with a focus on idiomatic expressions and noncompositionality. She has transitioned these skills to AI by diving into both symbolic and ML-assisted approaches to NLU.

Cycorp is incredibly fortunate to utilize Megan’s attention to detail and clear communication skills in improving and maintaining documentation. This documentation serves as the basis for training our clients to develop in Cyc themselves, as well as onboarding other Cycorp employees quickly.

Casey Woolwine, Ontologist and Natural Language Expert

Casey Woolwine oversees Cycorp’s supply chain efforts and manages our flagship natural language processing interface, where Cyc leverages its vast knowledge base to engage in intelligent, contextually informed, interactions with users.

Casey’s background is in logic and formal semantics. She received her PhD in philosophy from UT Austin. Her experience with formal modeling allows her to excel at parsing complex formal structures, and teaching Cyc to do the same. She finds it satisfying to navigate tricky problem spaces, especially so when she can optimize the solution to satisfy competing desiderata.

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