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Cyc is a revolutionary AI platform with human reasoning, knowledge, and logic at enterprise scale.

Meet Cyc
Cyc is knowledge representation and reasoning software unlike any AI you’ve seen before.


The result of more than three decades of intense software engineering and hundreds of millions in R&D investment, Cyc is a mature software platform with a suite of vertically-focused enterprise products that work where other AI doesn’t, and deliver value in ways other AI can’t.


Cyc harnesses human common sense and deep domain knowledge to understand challenging business problems in context and logically reason about their causes, solutions, and impacts, then clearly explains itself with transparent, auditable, plain-language output.


More than half of the largest 15 companies in the world have relied on Cyc to address complex, mission-critical challenges. The hundreds of successful Cyc deployments include numerous defense and intelligence agencies and the most respected names in healthcare, finance, and energy.

Product Highlights

Drilling & Completions Advisor

Hospital Throughput & Productivity Advisor

Supply Chain Advisor

The Cyc Solution
Cyc is differentiated, mature enterprise AI with a unique architecture that accelerates digitization across a company’s value chain.

Cyc’s Knowledge Base

Cyc’s knowledge base is the broadest, deepest, and most complete repository ever developed. Cyc’s expressive knowledge representation fully captures the real-world contextual nuance necessary to transform perishable, disorganized corporate tribal knowledge into a durable, scalable, and dispatchable asset.

Cyc’s Inference Engines

Cyc delivers human-like logical reasoning with machine discipline, speed, and scalability. Its battery of more than 1100 inference engines collaboratively attack and efficiently reason through problems requiring hundreds or even thousands of steps to understand the “why” of a problem rather than just the “what”.

Automated Intelligent Data Integration

Cyc complements its own knowledge by proactively accessing the data it needs to solve problems, from siloed, static internal databases to high velocity streaming cloud services and everything in between. No additional prepping, cleansing, normalizing, or transformation of data is required.


Actionable Output

Cyc isn’t a black box – users trust Cyc’s clear conclusions and action-guiding recommendations because Cyc always provides an auditable, step-by-step explanation behind its line of reasoning, spelled out for the user in their preferred language.


Cycorp delivered efficiently and effectively. Their AI platform, Cyc, helped make our vision of personalization and expert recommendations a reality. The step-by-step English explanations of the reasoning behind Cyc’s recommendations enabled users to trust the system and is a real differentiator. Cyc is not just answering what, it’s also answering why.

Jeriad Zoghby

Global Personalization Lead, Accenture Interactive
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