Why Cyc?

Answering questions, solving problems, or achieving goals requires both knowledge and reasoning.  Some of the required knowledge is about the specific domain in question, say banking or medicine or network security.  Some of it is more general than that, such as knowledge about communicating or physical movement.  And much of it is what we think of as common sense or world knowledge, like knowing that people can read books but books can’t read people, or that water flows downhill, or that things that happen later don’t cause things that happened earlier.  And reasoning involves much more than just recalling already known facts.  It includes combining knowledge to reach conclusions.  Without a large base of knowledge and the means to reason efficiently with it, no system can be considered truly intelligent.

Cyc enables the creation of powerful intelligent applications by providing 1) a very rich knowledge modeling language, 2) an unmatched corpus of formally modeled knowledge covering a diverse range of topics, and 3) an efficient inference engine that can quickly answer questions and reach conclusions using this knowledge.