April 19, 2015

What To Know before You Begin

How to Start a New OpenCyc image

A “Cyc Image” is simply a version of Cyc running on an individual computer. Before you can use the browser in order to look at the KB, you must get a new image running on your computer. The steps for doing so differ by platform:

  • NT image:
    • (not yet available)
  • C image for Unix (LINUX):
    • Connect to the directory with the Cyc executable:cd OpenCyc-x.x.x/scripts/linux [where x.x.x = current version]
    • Launch the Cyc server:./run-cyc.sh

How to Get to the KB Browser (and other places)

To get to the KB browser, first start up Netscape Navigator. Then, you can access the following useful URLs for navigating around:

The OpenCyc KB Browser (http://<hostname>/cgi-bin/cyccgi/cg?cb-start): the main tool for accessing the Cyc Knowledge Base (KB). If you’ve just started up your image for the first time, this should probably be the URL to go to.

The Cyc Navigator (http://<hostname>/cgi-bin/cyccgi/cg?cyc-navigator): a suite of tools for the Cyc System.

The Cyc Documentation Table of Contents (http://<hostname>/cycdoc/toc.html): documentation for anything and everything in the Cyc System.

Note: With all of these URLs, please replace the string “<hostname>” with the name of your webserver. If your webserver is running under NT, you’ll need to replace the “cg?” with “cg.exe?”.

Getting Help Using the KB Browser

Each of the pages in the KB Browser has its own help page. This can be accessed by clicking on the red question mark Help Button.

A complete listing of the help pages is available here for your convenience:

  • Advanced Inference Settings Help
  • Agenda Process Control Help
  • Agenda Status Bar Help
  • Alphabetical Search Help
  • Applicable Relations Help
  • Arguments Help
  • Argument Source Help
  • Ask a Query Help
  • Assertion Diagnostics Help
  • Assertion Display Frame Help
  • Assertion Justification Help
  • Assert Simlar Formula Help
  • Auxiliary Indices Help
  • Browser History Help
  • Browser Options Help
  • Browser Tools Help
  • Change Assertion Direction Help
  • Change Assertion Mt Help
  • Change Assertion Strength Help
  • Communication Status Area Help
  • Confirm Constant Kill Help
  • Confirm Constant TMS Page Help
  • Constant Diagnostics Help
  • Constant Information Display Help
  • Create Constant Help
  • Create Similar Constant Help
  • Dependents Help
  • Display by Date Help
  • Edit Assertion Help
  • Halt OpenCyc image Help
  • Hierarchy Browser Help
  • Hierarchy Browser Parameters Help
  • Hypothesize Help
  • Index Overlap Help
  • Inference Resource Constraints Help
  • Inference Tree Examiner Help
  • Literal Query Help
  • Load API Help
  • Local Operations Help
  • Login Area Help
  • Public Assertions Help
  • Rename Constant Help
  • Restore Interface State Help
  • Save Interface State Help
  • SubLisp Interactor Help
  • System Area Help
  • Term Index Help
  • Toolbar Help
  • Transcript File Help
  • Transcript Viewing Area Help
  • View Mt Help

Key for Icons Used in the Browser

A link to the icon legend for the KB Browser can be found at the top of the Term Index help page. Click here to go directly to the Key for Icons Used in the Browser.

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