April 23, 2015

The OpenCyc SubL API

This document describes the Cyc Application Programmers Interface (API) which is sometimes referred to simply as the Cyc API.  This is the protocol which allows applications to connect to and use the various CycL modules and functionality which together are used to maintain the Cyc Knowledge Base.

The Cyc API is divided into two layers :

  • The Content Layer categorizes the available functions, and provides the function signatures and documentation used by applications. The java CycAccess class contains the majority of these functions for ease of integration.
  • The Transport Layer establishes connection to a Cyc server and performs the message handling. The ASCII telnet connection is useful for debugging and remote administration, and the binary CFASL interface is used for applications. The java CycConnection, CfaslInputStream and CfaslOutputStream classes contain the transport layer functions.

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