April 22, 2015

SubL Reference

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SubL is a computer language built by members of Cycorp. SubL was written to support the Cyc® application, allowing it to run both under Lisp environments and as a C application generated by a SubL-to-C translator. This document describes the primitive functions of SubL.

Due to the close similarities between SubL and Common Lisp, the Table of Contents and structure of this document intentionally mirror that of

“Common Lisp: The Language”,
2nd Edition,
Guy L. Steele Jr

making it easy to compare and contrast the two languages. For the most part, this document focuses only on the differences between SubL and Common Lisp.

An online version of “Common Lisp: The Language” can be found at


and an index to all Common Lisp functions can be found at


Each section of this document contains a link labelled “CLtL2 Reference” to the corresponding sections of the above online Common Lisp reference. The reader is strongly encouraged to consult that reference in parallel with this document.

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