April 21, 2015

Special Handling for TheAssertionSentence

The constant TheAssertionSentence has special support for referring to the previously asserted sentence, not including previous sentences that mentioned TheAssertionSentence itself.  This is useful for making meta-assertions without having to copy the #$ist assertions formula multiple times.

For example:

;; an example rule:

In Mt: BaseKB.

f: (implies


(termOfUnit ?NART (?FUNC . ?ARGS))

(argIsa ?FUNC ?N ?COL)

(argN ?ARGN ?N ?NART)

(isa ?ARGN Collection))

(isa ?ARGN ?COL)).

;; assert a ruleTrivialForJustificationParaphrase GAF about the rule

In Mt: BaseKB.

f: (ruleTrivialForJustificationParaphrase TheAssertionSentence).

;; assert a salientAssertions GAF about the rule (not about the

;;  ruleTrivialForJustificationParaphrase GAF

In Mt: BaseKB.

f: (salientAssertions argIsa TheAssertionSentence).

Note that this support breaks the ability to make assertions about TheAssertionSentence itself using KE Text.

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