Team SRI-Sarnoff’s AURORA System @ TRECVID 2011

TitleTeam SRI-Sarnoff’s AURORA System @ TRECVID 2011
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCheng H, Tamrakar A, Ali S, Yu Q, Javed O, Liu J, Divakaran A, Sawhney H, Hauptmann A, Shah M, Bhattacharya S, Witbrock M, Curtis J, Friedland G, Mertens R, Darrell T, Manmatha R, Allan J
JournalNIST TRECVID Workshop
AbstractIn this paper, we present results from the experimental evaluation for the TRECVID 2011 MED11 (Multimedia Event Detection) task as a part of Team SRI-Sarnoff’s AURORA system being developed under the IARPA ALADDIN Program. Our approach employs two classes of content descriptions for describing videos depicting diverse events: (1) Low level features and their aggregates, and (2) Semantic concepts that capture scenes, objects and atomic actions that are local in space-time. In this presentation we summarize our system design and the content descriptions used. We also present four MED11 experiments that we submitted, discuss the results and lessons learned.