April 21, 2015

Processing KE Text in the Cyc Web Interface

The Cyc Web Interface provides two facilities for processing KE Text: the Compose page and KE-File. Both may be accessed from the “KE-File” section of the Cyc Navigator page. The Compose page can also be accessed from the Tools menu.

On the Compose page, you compose KE Text expressions in a large input pane. Clicking the “Eval” button submits the completed expressions for processing.

On the KE-File page, you enter the pathname of the KE Text format file that you want to process. Clicking the “Load” button loads the file. The file must be in the filesystem of the Cyc Server Machine.

Either way, the KE Text Parser will process your KE Text and present its results to you before making any changes to the KB.

If it finds syntactic errors in your expressions, it will ask you to correct them before proceeding.

If it finds that you have referred to constants which do not yet exist, it will ask you whether you want to create them.

When the KE Text expressions parse without error or question, it will display the proposed changes as FI operations and ask for confirmation.

If the changes are confirmed, the operations are queued for processing on the Cyc Server Machine.

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