EnterpriseCyc (or ECyc for short) is a commercial-grade, fully supported version of the knowledge base and reasoning technology, suitable for developing, deploying, and managing applications in an enterprise setting. In addition to the core Cyc functionality, ECyc contains:

  • Enhanced installation and configuration support
    XML-based installation and run-time parameter configuration files permit easy localization and customization of your Cyc installation and its behavior.
  • Drill-down inference monitoring and tuning capabilities
    Optimizing Cyc performance , which is critical for enterprise applications, can be achieved through enhanced inference monitoring, reporting, and tuning capabilities
  • Application bundling and deployment utilities
    Packaging, deploying, and managing Cyc-based applications is facilitated the Cyc Application Deployment Platform, including:

    • Application bundling including the control of deployed knowledge base content and KB size
    • Cyc application start-up and shut-down scripts
    • KB synchronization
    • Performance monitoring and alarm notification
    • ACL-based access to Cyc content
    • Activity logging and reporting
    • User feedback collection
  • Licensing and support services
    Cycorp offers a flexible suite of Enterprise Cyc licenses plans as well as support services including strategic consulting, application architecture and design, ontology design and implementation, Cyc capabilities customization, and instructor-led training.