April 18, 2015

Enterprise Cyc License

A flexible licensing scheme for Enterprise Cyc allows for a license agreement that best matches your business needs. You can license just what you need when you need it.

Enterprise Cyc Platform Licenses

Development License

If you are using Cyc to develop your own applications, either for in-house or third-party use, you’ll need an Enterprise Cyc Development License. Development License are available on a per-user basis.

Deployment License

Deployed applications require an Enterprise Cyc Deployment License. These license can be on a per-user, per-server, or enterprise-side license for stand-alone applications as well as for web-based applications; applications offered as a service can also be licensed on a tiered volume basis.

Synchronization Server License

There are a number of ways in which information can be shared across Cyc images, but for development or run-time environments where it is important to automatically replicate state, in whole or in part, across Cyc images, the Enterprise Cyc Synchronization Server is available. These licenses are available on a per-server basis.

Licensing Options

Cyc licenses are available on an annual subscription basis or as a perpetual license with an optional annual maintenance fee. Perpetual license include maintenance for the first year; the annual maintenance fee is 18% of the cost of the perpetual license after the first year.