April 18, 2015

Cyc Development Platforms

Cyc Development Platforms enable you to develop powerful and robust semantic applications. The Platforms provide a dynamic knowledge representation language (CycL), a vast ontology of concepts and relations, and a formally modeled repository of knowledge about these concepts enabling you to build on decades of knowledge modeling rather than starting from a blank page. Additionally, Cyc includes a hierarchical inference (reasoning) engine, including a large suite of custom reasoners that provide unparalleled performance over a large knowledge base.

The Cyc Development Platform is available in different versions to meet your specific needs:

  • Cycorp offers a complete version of Cyc, including many more assertions and additional Natural Language and data integration capabilities, at no cost, for research purposes. Please check out ResearchCyc for licensing and downloading information.
  • EnterpriseCyc is a fully supported version of the knowledge base and reasoning technology that includes enterprise-grade development, deployment, and administration capabilities. It can be licensed for commercial applications.

Which Cyc is Right for Me?

Both versions have the following features:

  • KB Content
    • # of Concepts: >630k
    • Types of relationships among these concepts: >38k types
    • # of assertions about these concepts: >7M
  • Natural Language Processing
    • KB NL Conent: Preferred/alternate strings, parsing and generation templates, syntactic, grammatic, and pragmatic knowledge
    • Parsing and Information Extraction: Concept identification, compositional interpretation (to CycL) of phrases and sentences
    • Text Generation: For Cyc terms, sentences, justifications; fact sheets for concepts; enhanced readibilty heuristics
  • Inference
    • Query- and Data-driven inference: Forward and backwards inference; large selection of inference heuristics; user-extensible heuristics library
    • Inference Monitoring: Forward and backwards inference; large selection of inference heuristics; user-extensible heuristics library
    • Structured Data Access: Semantic Knowledge Source Integration provides transparent access to structured data sources (e.g., relational databases, triple stores, CSV files)

While generally identical, EnterpriseCyc includes proprietary content for your application as well as the following differences from ResearchCyc:

ResearchCyc EnterpriseCyc
Inference Monitoring Interactive inference browser, inference monitoring and browsing, metrics logging Interactive inference browser, inference monitoring and browsing, metrics logging, process monitoring
Support ResearchCyc Community Tiered support with service agreements
Application Scope For research only Research, development,and commercial applications


OpenCyc was an experiment in which a small fraction of Cyc was opened up for public inspection and use, as a way to help inform potential Cyc users.  In many cases, this “stripped down” system, which lacked much of what makes Cyc valuable, proved to be more confusing than it was helpful, so it no longer distributed or supported.  In its place, Cycorp is preparing a cloud version of Cyc which will be accessible by the public under a license for research, evaluation, and education purposes.  Watch this page, or our homepage, for further news about this.