April 19, 2015

Finishing Touches

How to Safely Halt Your OpenCyc image

There are many ways to halt an OpenCyc image. However, there is one easy way which will ensure that the image is halted safely, and that no sub-processes that it created remain in the system. Failing to safely halt an image may create problems when trying to start up a new OpenCyc image in the future.

Note that users logged in as #$Guest will be unable to halt an OpenCyc image since it may disrupt others’ work.

To safely halt an OpenCyc image:

Click on the “System” link in the Agenda Status Bar (the bottom frame of the KB Browser), which will bring up the System Area page. Click on the “here” link in the phrase “Click here to halt this OpenCyc image.” You’ll be asked to confirm that you really do want to halt the image. Once an image is halted, there is no way to restart it, except to start up an entirely new image. Remember that halting the Cyc Agenda and halting an OpenCyc image are two completely different things. To truly halt the image, click on the “Yes” link; to abort the halt and return to the KB Browser, click on the “No” link. If you clicked “Yes”, you should see a message confirming your decision to halt the image.

For more detailed information about halting the OpenCyc image, see the Halt OpenCyc image Help.

To start up a new OpenCyc image, follow the instructions in the How to Start a New OpenCyc image (LINUX/C) section.

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