April 21, 2015


KE Text (Knowledge E Text, where the E stands for Editing, which is historically correct, or Entry, which is intuitively correct) is an ASCII text format for specifying changes to a Cyc KB. The text is parsed into KB operations (asserts, unasserts, renames, etc.) that are then evaluated using the KE API (ke-assert, ke-unassert, ke-rename, etc.) KE Text is processed through the browser through either the Load KE File page, which loads a KE Text file or the Compose KE Text page, which allows typing in KE Text.

The KE Text facilities allow authors to compose a set of KB changes in text and add them to a Cyc KB in a single batch operation. Choosing to use KE Text is strictly a matter of convenience. Operations entered using KE Text do not differ in the KB from those entered via other browser tools. Most users find it convenient in situations where many similar changes need to be made or when they are adding a related set of new constants and assertions.

KE Text Syntax