Ontology and the KB

Content and structure of the Cyc knowledge base

What is included with OpenCyc?

OpenCyc includes several open source programs along with the knowledge base and the knowledge server. These will tentatively include:

  • An ontology exporter to selectively export OWL files
  • Semantic Web Server supporting DAML queries (Java)
  • Inference graphing program (Java)
  • Java version of the Cyc API (Java)

What do you mean by "common sense"?

As a rule of thumb, commonsense is the knowledge we all have but it not necessarily recorded in reference books explicitly. For example, it is somewhat difficult to find an encyclopedia or dictionary that says that when a bowl is inverted, its contents run out. In addition to the broadly applicable information that is found in reference books, Cyc has many hand entered facts required to understand the assumptions that underlie human discourse. more ... about What do you mean by "common sense"?