Security, Fraud Detection, and Business Continuity

Identifying threats to infrastructure or business continuity requires recognizing potential threats and preventing or remediating them.  By using Cyc to model your environment (e.g., a computer network, a manufacturing facility, a business process), known flaws or vulnerabilities, and potential attack types, Cyc's reasoning and planning capabilities can be used to proactively generate potentially complex attack plans and their impacts.  Because the attack planning is based on a high-fidelity model, the actual network or facility is not at risk or impacted and "what if" scenarios are easy to explore by simply modifying the model.

In addition to model-based proactive security planning, Cyc can be used to analyze data logs to identify patterns of fraud or abuse, augmenting or complementing statistical analysis approaches by permitting semantic analysis based on an understanding of the data and application rather than just relying on numerical correlations.