Using the SubL Interactor

Most users of the Cyc Web Interface will not use the SubL Interactor. The SubL interactor allows arbitrary SubL forms to be evaluated by the Cyc application. The evaluated forms are not limited in any way, so it is quite possible for mistakes to crash the application, or to corrupt its datastructures. Most Cyc operations are better handled by one of the Web Interface’s other facilities.

The SubL interactor also introduces a security weakness: SubL is a general-purpose programming language which includes functions for reading and writing files, so the entire network accessible to the Cyc Server is potentially compromised. Machines running Cyc should be on a secure internal net.

The SubL interactor page can be reached by following the SubL Interactor link under the Cyc System section of the Cyc Navigator page. It can also be reached by following the Interactor link on the Browser Tools page (which can be reached from the Tools link in the upper left corner of most pages.

On the SubL interactor page, there is a large text input field labeled “Enter Form:”. SubL forms entered in that field are evaluated by the OpenCyc Server when you click the Eval button. The value returned is displayed on a new SubL interactor page.

Try this example: type the following expression in the input field and click Eval.

     (cons 'a (append '(d e) '(f g)))

A new SubL interactor page is displayed, with two sections above the input field that look like:

Last Form :

 (cons 'a (append '(d e) '(f g)))

Results :

(A D E F G)

For additional information, see the SubL Reference Guide.
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