Transcript Files

A Cyc Server can process operations from several sources. One kind results from actions performed at that server, such as editing operations using the Cyc Web Interface, direct calls to FI functions, or applications using the FI Server. These operations are added to a high-priority queue called the "Local Queue".

The other source of operations are those which were originally performed on other Cyc Servers at the site which were then written to the common transcript file called the "Master Transcript". If a Cyc Server is accepting operations from other servers, it loads them from the master transcript and places them on a lower-priority queue called the "Remote Queue". OpenCyc does not currently support the Master Transcript facility.

At the bottom of the System Area page, there are sections identifying the "Read Transcript" and the "Write Transcript". The read transcript is the file from which the Cyc Server reads operations. Except in unusual cases, if there is a read transcript, it is always the master transcript.

The write transcript is the file in which the Cyc Server records the operations which it successfully performs. If an operation is malformed and causes an error during execution, it is not recorded.

If the Cyc Server is sharing its operations with the other servers at the site, then it writes to the master transcript file. It can also use a private file, often referred to as a "local transcript". The next section describes the standard transcript configurations, called "Communication Modes".