CLtL2 Reference 
function SYMBOLP : (x)

The Property List

CLtL2 Reference 

function GET : (symbol indicator &optional default)

function PUT : (symbol indicator new-value)

function REMPROP : (symbol indicator)

function SYMBOL-PLIST : (symbol)

The Print Name

CLtL2 Reference 

function SYMBOL-NAME : (symbol)

Returns the string which is the name of SYMBOL. When called on a keyword, it returns the “:” prefix as part of the name

Creating Symbols

CLtL2 Reference 

function MAKE-SYMBOL : (print-name)

function GENSYM : (&optional x)

GENSYM returns new, interned symbols, which are combinations of a string prefix and a numeric suffix. It guarantees that the new symbol was not previously interned.

If the argument X is a number, the gensym counter (used to generate the suffix) is set to X before the new symbol is generated.

if the argument X is a string, the gensym prefix is set to X before the new symbol is generated.

The initial gensym counter value is 1 and the initial gensym prefix is ‘G’.

function GENTEMP : (&optional (prefix “T”))

function KEYWORDP : (x)

In SubL, which does not have packages, keywords are any symbol whose name begins with “:”

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