Starting the Agenda

A Cyc Server can perform operations from multiple sources, but the Cyc inference engine can execute only one operation at a time. So operations from all sources are queued for execution by a process called "the Cyc Agenda", or just "the agenda".

The Cyc Agenda performs all the tasks needed to manage Cyc operations: moving operations from one queue to another, executing operations, reading from transcript files, writing to transcript files, and loading Cyc source code patches (Symbolics machines only).

A Cyc Server does not initially start the agenda. From the Cyc Web Interface, you can start and halt the agenda. Go to the bottom frame and click on "Agenda". This will take you to the "Agenda Process Control" page. Assuming that you are the only user of the Cyc Server (or that you are using a machine set aside for students to experiment with), click the "Start Agenda" button. When the agenda has been started, the bottom frame of the interface will display "Agenda:Enabled".