Renaming a Constant

[Rename] may be used to change the name of the constant currently displayed by the OpenCyc Web Interface.

When you click [Rename], it prompts for a new name for the constant. The new name must not be the name of an existing Cyc constant and it must conform to the naming conventions for Cyc constants. When you click the "Rename" button, three operations are queued for execution. The first operation performs the FI-RENAME operation and the second operation records the old name with an assertion using the #$oldConstantNamepredicate. (This can be useful when other cyclists need to find a renamed constant but do not know its new name). The last operation timestamps the assertion made by the second operation.

If the old name of the constant was "Jabberwock", the new name is "Alice", the cyclist is #$Natasha, and the cyc-server is "cyc-server", then the operations would look like this:


     ((:HP "(:HP "Natasha" 201285) "cyc-server" 19960315 
       '(:HP "Jabberwock" 128728) '"Alice"))

     ((:HP "Natasha" 201285) "cyc-server" 19960315 
	 (:HP "oldConstantName" 762568) 
	   (:HP "Alice" 128728) "Jabberwock") 
       '(:HP "BaseKB" 273) ':DEFAULT))

     ((:HP "Natasha" 201285) "cyc-server" 19960315 
       '(:HP "Natasha" 201285) '19960315))